About Us

Barking Deer Press is an author-owned publishing house of speculative and literary fiction.  Our members are professional writers who want to use the freedom of artistic collaboration to reach a broad audience and distribute their work directly to readers in both ebook and print forms.

Membership with Barking Deer Press is usually limited to previously published authors or professional editors and artists. All members are expected to volunteer for work that’s appropriate to their skill set to support their fellow members, and in return will receive services such as editing, formatting, cover art, marketing, and more.

There is no cost to be a member of Barking Deer Press aside from your time and initial fee for a company ISBN per publication. Authors receive 90% of the royalties from the sales of their books, the small 10% remainder going back to the Press for website upkeep, group advertising, and other minor but necessary admin fees.

If you are an author or professional editor or artist and want to join, you may contact us for consideration at: contact@barkingdeerpress.com