Music reporter Vibeke is having one hell of a week—and then the apocalypse happens.

Her interview with a crummy out-of-town band comes to a screeching halt when a meteor shower pummels the planet, leaving millions dead and civilization shattered. Her office building survives, so Vibeke holes up on the second floor with a co-worker and a musician, slipping outside and braving the crumbling city only when they need supplies. That’s when they realize the meteors brought something with them. Something that wakes the dead and makes them attack the living. 

Before long the city is full rotten, flesh-eating fiends, and it’s clear that if Vibeke and her friends want to survive, they’ll have to find a way out on their own. 

She’s starting to wish she paid closer attention to zombie movies—she’s living in one!

Horror and humor collide in Grave New World, a short novel of approximately 40,000 words.

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