Kaza Maza (Boko Haram) has killed almost ten thousand poor, defenseless people, Christians and Muslims alike. Millions have been forced to flee. Children have been kidnapped from school, some made to fight as soldiers, others sold into slavery. The combined armies of Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria have been unable to stop them.
No group or country seems very interested in going after the insane killers: led by a man who believes the world is flat.
But one man is willing to defy the odds and the dangers: Paul Decker. He weighs the options: risk his life and the lives of his team, or do nothing and then not be able to live with himself.
Paul assembles a team to go into Nigeria and go after Kaza Maza and rescue the kidnapped girls. The odds do not seem very good, but that’s nothing new for Paul.
Yet everyone, even those on his team, has their own agenda.
With Kaza Maza in front of them and dissension between them, the odds against them escalate parabolically.

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