Since the passage of NAFTA in 1993, thousands of Maquiladoras along the U.S. / Mexico border have been spewing their toxic waste into the Rio Grande River. From that quagmire, a plague has erupted causing a quarantine of Mexico. The plague is being allowed to run rampant by Mexican President DeMarta, using it as a cause to declare Marshall Law, postponing the coming elections in which the opposition party was projected to win. U.S. President E.B. Edwards needs DeMarta and his PDR party to remain in power. DeMarta is kicking back a billion dollars a year to the U.S. President to keep the border “porous”. In that murky environment, Paul’s daughter is kidnapped by drug dealers intent on using her to slip out of the country by passing through a checkpoint on the border supervised by Paul’s son, thereby escaping the plague. Paul’s singular problem, to rescue his daughter, broadens to encompass how to bring down the leaders of two countries willing to sacrifice millions of innocent lives in order to hold onto the reins of power.

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