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He Rode a Dark Horse

by Zoe Druski

Cole made a deal with Death, and it turns out he got the short end of the stick. And being stuck in the small dusty town mucking stalls as he waits for instructions has a way of testing the Reaper’s three speeds: on, off, and don’t push your luck.

Catherine Blake is a head-strong woman in charge of her family’s failing farm and raising her two younger brothers. She’s beautiful, cynical, and not about to let the blood-thirsty mayor and his posse of black-eyed demons trying to make room for the incoming railroad get her off her ancestral land.

Cole just can’t keep his eyes off Catherine, and his heart—which he hasn’t felt beat in years—aches whenever he’s away from her warm skin. Cole knows it’s wrong to feel anything for her, or for the two brothers she cares for, but he loves how she makes him feel… almost human again. He knows he has a job to do, but those demons are inching in on their farm, and he thinks he might just have to break the rules and intervene—come hell or high water—to keep those kids safe.

Besides, what’s Death going to do? Send him to hell? His soul’s already there.



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Wormholes by Dani KaneWormholes: Book One of Axles and Allies

by Dani Kane


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Danny Mendoza is different, and no one at his new school lets him forget it. His sensory quirks isolate him from everyone except his only friend, a girl named Sam. He doesn’t do well with loud sounds or bright lights and hates touching most things, so he spends most of his time alone surrounded by his books and models.

When Danny hides from a gang of bullies in the park after school one day, he is suddenly sucked through a wormhole into the alternate fantasy world of Umberhold. There, his senses explode with the vibrant colors and creatures of the amazing yet dangerous world and finds he has the power to wield the life-generating Essence of the land–the first to do so in hundreds of years.

Though the fantasy world is dying at the hand of a crazed scientist set on destroying nature and replacing everything with metal and gears: and Danny is only one who can save it. Danny just wants to go back to his life and pretend to be normal just like every other kid his age and not worry about evil-overlords, cyborgs or flesh-hungry creatures straight out of his nightmares.

But when his little sister wanders through the portal and disappears on the other side, Danny must step up as the hero everyone believes he is. Together with a newfound group of companions, Danny has to go against every instinct in his body to battle monsters, navigate dangerous forests and learn to face his troubles at home to find his sister and save Umberhold.

Ugh. Why does middle school have to be so hard?

In the vein of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline and Mathew Jobin’s The Nethergrim comes a tale of friendship, adventure, and learning to embrace your uniqueness in the face of adversity and monsters in the dark.

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California Screamin’

California. Close your eyes and say it: California. Images of perpetual sunshine, swaying palm trees, and blue waters lapping at sandy beaches. That one word conjures visions of gold and fame, luring dreamers to its mythic shores. The original peoples lived in an abundant paradise. The Spanish found a familiarity to their homeland. The Gold Rush, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley promised instant wealth. But the beaches are only a sliver of this vast land. Beyond it lie expanses of deserts, mountains, and rugged coastline cutting it off from reality. Isolated, California reveals a dark side—wraithlike fog of the northern coast, dense shadows in ancient forests, and hellish heat of vast deserts. It is in these places you will journey. Within these pages, you will find stories of primeval specters, soured fantasies, transplanted vampires, bizarre geography.

This is the reality of nightmares…

This is California Screamin’.


Publication date 10/22/17

Edited by Danielle Kaheaku

Introduction by Jonathan Maberry

Foreword poem “Between the Dreams and Screams” by Lori Lopez


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