What is Barking Deer Press?

Barking Deer Press is an author-owned publishing cooperative.  We only publish work by our members.


Who are the Authors of Barking Deer Press?

Our Members are professional writers and editors who want to use the creative freedom of the Internet to reach a wider audience and distribute their work directly to readers in both ebook and print forms.

All members are expected to volunteer for work that’s appropriate to their skill set to support their fellow members, and in return will receive services such as editing, formatting, cover art, marketing, and more.

By swapping appropriate skills and giving necessary support to other authors, every book published by Barking Deer Press will be edited, polished, and prepped for publication by caring, attentive, and experienced hands to share with book lovers around the world.


Does Membership cost?

There is no cost to be a member of Barking Deer Press aside from your time.  As this is a cooperative publishing company, authors are currently responsible for their ISBN and barcode fees, and potentially cover art if no cooperative arrangements can be made at the time of publishing.


How much do authors receive on royalties?

Authors receive 90% of the royalties from the sales of their books. The remaining royalty goes back to Barking Deer to cover necessary fees such as maintaining the website, advertising, and other minor admin fees. Fees retained by the Press will be used for the benefit of the Press as a whole and not biased toward any single member. 


How can I become a Member?

Membership with Barking Deer Press is usually limited to previously published authors or professional editors and artists.

Membership is determined only after review of previously published works and relevant skills that can be contributed to the Press and a current member vote.

If you are an author or professional editor and want to join, you may contact us at: contact@barkingdeerpress.com


Where are Barking Deer Press books available?

All published books are available in digital forms at major online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Multiple authors are also in print through Amazon as print on demand products.